Federal Service

for Military-Technical Cooperation

ASF Armament and Equipment
Su-35Multi-Task Super-Maneuverable Fighter

Major advantages

  • day-and-night and all weather capabilities;
  • multi-task capability;
  • high flight safety and survivability;
  • super-maneuverability;
  • independent basing and operation capability;
  • lower radar visibility;
  • capability to control aircraft group outside the radar field;
  • long-time patrolling (with one air-borne refuelling - up to 10 hours) of battlefield areas;
  • capability to efficiently hit air-borne, ground and water-borne targets at long distances from home airfields with wide range of aircraft weapons.

Purpose and Main Tasks

Su-35 multi-task super-maneuverable fighter is designed for day-and-night air superiority and destruction of air-borne, ground and surface targets at long distances from the home bases in conditions of active enemy electronic and fire countermeasures under adverse and favorable weather conditions.
Su-35 is capable to perform the following tasks: security of the country airspace with long-term patrolling at long distances from the home bases; responding to enemy’s air attack and air covering; attacking the aircraft, air-borne, ground, water-borne targets, government and military facilities, logistics and utilities, battlefield air interdiction and air reconnaissance.



Su-35 avionics is based upon the open architecture with multiplex information communication links and includes:  information and control system, radar, control and navigation system, optical systems, 

communication, monitoring, recording and electronic warfare capabilities.


The air-borne SLRS ensures detection of air targets with 3m2 RCS at 350 km distance.