Federal Service

for Military-Technical Cooperation

Navy Armament and Vehicles
636 ProjectOceangoing Diesel-Electric Submarine
Amur 1650Diesel Electric Submarine
11356 Type Project (Burevetsnik)Guard Ship
Gepard-3.9 1161 ProjectGuard Ship
Gepard-5.1Ocean Patrol Ship
Tigr 20382 ProjectSmall Guard Ship (Corvette)
22160 ProjectPatrol Vessel
22460E (Okhotnik)Patrol Ship
Sarsar 21635.1 ProjectSmall Missile Ship
10412 Project (Svetlyak)Guard Boat
Karakurt-E 22800E ProjectSmall Missile Ship
12701 Project (Aleksandrit-E Code)Base Area Anti-Mine Ship
21980E Project (Grachyonok)Special-Purpose Boat
14961E Project (Lamantin)Patrol Boat
BK-10 02450 ProjectHigh-Speed Assault Boat
BK-16 02510High-Speed Assault Carrier Boat
Raptor 03160EPatrol Boat
Mangust 12150 ProjectHigh-Speed Patrol Boat
BastionMobile Coastal Missile System with Yakhont Anti-Ship Cruise Missiles
Bal-ECoastal Missile System with Kh-35E Anti-Ship Missiles or Kh-35UE Missile Modification
Kalibr-PLE (Club-S), Kalibr-NKE (Club-N)Integrated Missile System
Uran-EShip Missile System with Kh-35E Anti-Ship Missile
Ship Missile Weapon SystemShip Missile Weapon System with Yakhont Anti-Ship Cruise Missile