Federal Service

for Military-Technical Cooperation

AD Equipment
Triumf S-400Anti-Aircraft Missile System
S-300VM (Antey-2500)Anti-Aircraft Missile System
Buk-M2EAnti-Aircraft Missile Integrated System
Viking, 9K317MEAnti-Aircraft Missile Integrated System
Pechora-2MAnti-Aircraft Missile Integrated System
Pantzir-S1Anti-Aircraft Missile and Gun System
Pantzir-S1MAnti-Aircraft Missile and Gun System
Tor-M2EAnti-Aircraft Missile Integrated System with Tracked Chassis Combat Vehicle
Tor-E2Anti-Aircraft Missile Integrated System
Tunguska-M1 2K22M1Anti-Aircraft Gun and Missile System
SosnaAutomated System
Strela-10M4Anti-Aircraft Missile Integrated System
Gibka-SShort-Range Anti-Aircraft Missile Integrated System
Igla-S 9K338Portable Anti-Aircraft Missile Integrated System
DzhigitSupporter and Launcher Unit with Target Guidance System and Night Sight
Verba 9K333Portable Anti-Aircraft Missile Integrated System
(Shilka) ZSU-23-4M4Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft System
RepellentSmall-Size UAV Electronic Warfare System
Avtobaza M (1L222M Index)Ground Radio-Frequency Intelligence System
Niobiy-SVStandby Very High Frequency Band Radar Station
Nebo-SVU (1L119 Index)Ground Standby Two-Dimensional Radar Station
Protivnik-GEThree-Dimensional Radar Station with Ultra-High Frequency Band Route Data Processing
Gamma-DE (67N6E)Radar Station
Rezonans-NE (69Ya6 Index)Long-Range Low-Observable Air-Borne Target Detection Radar Station
Istra-E (68N6E Code)Mobile Three-Dimensional All-Altitude Air-Borne Target Detection Radar Station
Podlyot-E (48Ya6-K1E Index)Automated Three-Dimensional Low-Altitude All-Round Scan Radar Station
55Zh6UMEMobile Three-Dimensional Medium- and High-Altitude Standby Radar Station
55Zh6MEMulti-Task Radar System
Torn-8PRadio-Control and Active Monitoring System
Stupen-OFixed Radio-Monitoring System