Federal Service

for Military-Technical Cooperation

GT Armament and Equipment
AGS-30 (6S9 Index)30-mm Automatic Grenade Launcher System
RPG-29 (6G20 Index), RPG-29N (6G20N Index)Hand-Held Anti-Tank Grenade Launchers
RPG-7V1Hand-Held Anti-Tank Grenade Launcher
RPK-203 (6P8M index)Modified Hand-Held 7.62-mm Kalashnikov Machine Gun
Pecheneg (6P41 Index)7.62-mm Infantry Kalashnikov Machine Gun
6P5012.7-mm Infantry Machine Gun on 6T7 (6P16 Index) Mount or 6U6 Multi-Purpose Mount
SVD (6V1 ID) and SVDS (6V3 ID)7.62-mm Dragunov Sniper Rifle
AK103, AK1047.62-mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifles
AK-12 (6P70 ID) / AK-15 (6P71 ID)5.45-mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle / 7.62-mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifle
PMM (56-A-125M ID)Modified 9-mm Makarov Pistol
PYa (6P35 index)9-mm Automatic Yarygin Pistol
203, 2047.62 mm Kalashnikov Assault Rifles