Federal Service

for Military-Technical Cooperation

GT Armament and Equipment
T-90S (188S Index)Tank
T-90MS (188MS Index)Tank
Sprut-SDM-1 (2S25M Index)125 mm Self-Propelled Anti-Tank Gun
TSCVTank Support Combat Vehicle
TOS-1AHeavy Flame Thrower
BMP-3 (BMP-3F)Infantry Combat Vehicle
BTR-82AArmored Carrier
BTR-80AArmored Carrier
BTR-80Armored Carrier
BT-3FArmored Carrier
AMN 233114 Tigr-MMulti-Task Motor Vehicle
APE-MB-EStandardized Command and Staff Tigr Chassis Based Vehicle
KAMAZ-53949 Taifun-KSeries Motor Vehicle
BMR-3MCArmored Mine Clearance Vehicle
Gusenitsa-2 TMM-6Heavy Mechanized Bridge
MBSMechanized Bridge System
Uran-6 (MRTK-R)Multi-Task Demining Robotic System