Federal Service

for Military-Technical Cooperation

ASF Armament and Equipment
KAB-500-ODSmart Aircraft Bomb
KAB-500KrSmart Aircraft Bomb with TV-Correlation Target Homing Heads and Bunker Burst Warhead
KAB-1500KrSmart Aircraft Bomb with TV-Correlation Target Homing Head and High-Explosive Warhead
ODAB-500PM, ODAB-500PMVFuel-Air Explosive Aircraft Bombs
OFZAB-500Fragmentation High-Explosive Incendiary Aircraft Bomb
RVV-AEAircraft Air-to-Air Missile
RVV-SDAircraft Air-to-Air Missiles
RVV-MDAircraft Guided Air-to-Air Missile
RVV-BDAircraft Guided Air-to-Air Missile
R-73EAir-to-Air Missile
Kh-59MKLong-Range Air-to-Surface Missile
Kh-38MLE, Kh-38MAE, Kh-38MTE, Kh-38MKEAircraft Short-Range Modular Guided Missiles
Kh-35E (3M-24E Index), Kh-35YETactical Anti-Ship Missile
Kh-31AAircraft Anti-Ship Missile
Kh-31ADAircraft High-Speed Anti-Ship Missile
Kh-31PAircraft High-Speed Air-to-RS Missile
Kh-31PKAircraft High-Speed Air-to-RS Missile
Kh-29TEHigher Range Air-to-Surface Missile
Ataka 9M120-1Guided Anti-Tank Missile
S-13-OFUnguided Aircraft Missile
S-13-TUnguided Aircraft Missile
S-8KOMUnguided Aircraft Missile with Shaped Charge - Fragmentation Warhead
GSh-23L23 mm Aircraft Gun
GSh-30130 mm Single-Bore Aircraft Gun