Press release

5 March 2022

On the International Defense and Security Exhibition WORLD DEFENSE SHOW - 2022

The International Defense and Security Exhibition «World Defense Show - 2022» will be held for the first time on March 6-9, 2022 in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). Its subject - unmanned aerial systems, arms and ammunition, Army, Naval and Air Force equipment, space infrastructure, national security.

The organizer of the Russian exposition of the military-purpose products is JSC «Rosoboronexport». The leading enterprises – manufacturers of the arms and military equipment will also take part in the exhibition.

Within the framework of the Russian exposition it is planned to place 

the full-scale sample of Bakhcha combat module as well as the following patterns and models: 57E6-E air defense guided missiles from the composition of Pantsyr-S1 and Pantsyr-S1M air defense missile-gun systems, 9M133M-2 and 9M133FM-3 guided missiles from Kornet-EM antitank guided missile systems, Shmel-M reactive infantry flamethrower, S-8DF, S-8KOM and S-8BM unguided aircraft missiles, Kalashnikov assault rifles of various calibers, Lebedev pistols, hand-held antitank grenade launchers, grenades and fuses of various types, rounds and cartridges of various calibers.

In the form of advertising material the information on the equipment for many military branches of the Armed forces will be represented:

Army: T-90S/T-90MS tanks, T-72 modernized tank, BMPT tank support combat vehicle, BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle, BTR-82A armored personnel carrier, SPTP SPRUT-SDM1 light amphibious tank, Kornet-E/Kornet-EM antitank guided missile systems;


Air Defense: S-400 Triumph and S-300VM Antey-2500 air defense missile systems, Viking air defense missile system, Tor-M2E air defense missile system with combat vehicle on tracked chassis, Tor-M2K air defense missile systems with combat vehicle on wheeled chassis and Buk-M2E air defense missile system, Pantsyr-S1 air defense missile-gun system, Verba manportable air defense missile system;


Air Force: Su-35 multifunctional supermaneuverable fighter, Su-34E bomber, Yak-130 trainer (combat trainer), MiG-35/MiG-35D and MiG-29M multifunctional front fighters, Il-76MD-90A(E) and Il-112VE military-transport aircraft, Il-78MK-90A tanker; Mi-28NE combat helicopter, Mi-35M/Mi-35P and Mi-17V-5 military-transport helicopters, Ka-52 combat reconnaissance attack helicopter.


Navy: Project 22800E Karakurt-E small missile ship, Mangust high-speed patrol boat, BK-9 high-speed assault-landing boat, BK-10/BK-10M high-speed assault boat, BK-16E high-speed transport-landing boat, Project 03160E patrol boat, Uran-E shipborne missile system with Kh-35E antiship missile, Bal-E coastal missile systems with Kh-35E and Kh-35UE antiship missiles, Rubezh-ME tactical coastal missile system.

Within the framework of the business schedule the defense forum will be held where the political decisions, determining the macroeconomic, defense, economic, industrial and acquisition tendencies at the Middle East, as well as their place in the global market of arms and military equipment will be considered.