Interviews and statements

6 June 2023

The statement of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC of Russia) to the media

Russian arms and military equipment have always shown high efficiency and reliability, and they continue to successfully demonstrate these qualities in real combat use. It is confirmed by essential growth of interest in our arms abroad, particularly, in fighters and combat helicopters, armoured equipment, multiple launch rocket systems, etc.

At the same time, adaptation of western arms to the planned combat work outside the training ground will raise many questions.

We regard the statement of Ben Wallace, British Defence Secretary, as just another demonstration of unfair competition and envy of the western states, which have nothing to do but resort to political blackmail and media «stove piping» amid rising the popularity of the Russian arms.

Besides, the great concerns continue to be provoked by absence of control over the supplies of the western arms and the Russian (Soviet) arms re-exported illegally from different irresponsible states which, under a pretext of assistance to the Kiev regime, more often appear on the «black markets», encouraging spread of the international terrorism and extremism.

At the same time, we note reasonable pragmatism and resistance of our traditional partners which were convinced of reliability and high efficiency of the Russian arms and military equipment.