Press release

16 December 2022

On Vietnam International Defense and Security Exhibition VIETNAM DEFENSE 2022

         The second International Defense and Security Exhibition «VIETNAM DEFENSE – 2022» will be held on December 8-10, 2022 in Hanoi (the Socialist Republic of Vietnam) on the territory of Gia Lam Airport.

         The organizers are – the Ministry of Defence of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and the Ministry of Public Security of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The exhibition subject is amphibious systems, armoured and combat vehicles, ballistic defense, biometrics, border security and control, chemical, biological, radioactive, nuclear and explosive material protection systems, civil defense equipment and systems, helicopters and military aviation, land, air and naval defence and surveillance systems, minor and major caliber systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, weapon systems and others.

         The exhibition is focused on ensuring the interaction of high ranking officials of the ministries of defense and public security of Vietnam, people’s armed forces and Vietnamese defense and security industry with worldwide leading service providers in order to esteem the newest developments, technologies and solutions to meet the requirements of the armed forces of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

         According to the organizers of the exhibition, at present, nearly 200 exhibitors from 29 foreign countries are registered at the moment.

         According to the Order of FSMTC of Russia dated July 8, 2020 42-od, JSC «Rosoboronexport» is designated as the organizer of the Russian exposition of the military-purpose products (hereinafter referred to as the MPP).

         The area of the Russian exposition is 216 sq. meters.

         Its composition include 15 organizations, among them: JSC «Concern «Kalashnikov», JSC «UAC», JSC «Tekhnodinamika», JSC «Remdiezel»,
«STC» Ltd. and others.

         More than 300 exhibits of the MPP are declared, among them 77 samples.

         In the form of models, patterns and other advertising material
the information on the military-purpose products will be represented at the Russian exposition, among them:

Air Force equipment:

Su-57E prospective multifunctional fighter, Su-30SME multipurpose supermaneuverable fighter, Yak-130 trainer (combat trainer), Ka-52 combat reconnaissance attack helicopter, Mi-171Sh military-transport helicopter, Orlan-10E multifunctional complex with unmanned aerial vehicles.

Army equipment:

T-90S/SK/MS tank, BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle, BTR-82A armored personnel carrier, Pantsyr-S1 air defence missile-gun system, Typhoon-K KAMAZ-53949 family armored vehicle;

missile systems and field artillery weapon:

Smerch multiple launch rocket system, Khrizantema-S self-propelled antitank system, Kornet-E/Kornet-EM antitank guided missile systems;

small arms and close combat weapon:

AK-100 and AK-200 series Kalasknikov assault rifles, 9-mm Yarigin PYa self-loading pistol, Kalashnikov infantry machine gun Pecheneg, 7.62-mm modernized Kalashnikov PKMS machine gun on Stepanov machine, 7.62-mm
AK-308 assault rifle;

Naval equipment:

Gepard-3.9 frigate (on basis of 11661 project patrol ship), Mangust 12150 Project high-speed patrol boat, Karakurt-E 22800E Project small missile ship (small corvette), Project 21980E special purpose boat, Rubezh-ME tactical coastal missile system and others.