Press release

1 April 2022

On the International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies Arm HiTec 2022

The third International Exhibition of Arms and Defence Technologies «Arm HiTec – 2022» will be held from March 31 to April 2, 2022 at Karen Demirchyan Concerts and Sports Complex (Yerevan).

The organizers of the exhibition are: the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, State Military-Industrial Committee of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry of Hi-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia, CJSC «Yerevan Plant of Mathematical Machines» (CJSC «ErZMM») and CJSC «Exhibition Companies Group «BIZON»» (CJSC «ECB «BIZON»).

The main subjects are: armor materiel, gun and missile armament and military equipment, military aviation, small arms and ammunition, unmanned aerial vehicles and complexes, communication facilities, automated troop command and robot systems, security means and personal protective equipment, laser, information and telecommunication technologies, information protection systems, equipment, medical support.

The organizer of the Russian exposition of the military-purpose products is JSC «Roxoboronexport».

In the form of models, patterns and other advertising materials nearly 400 names of the products will be represented at the exhibition. Among them: Ka-226T round-the-clock light multi-mission helicopter, T-90S/MS/SK tank, BTR-82A armored personnel carrier, BMP-3M/3F infantry combat vehicle, BMD-3 amphibious assault vehicle, S-350E Vityaz air defence missile system, Pantsyr-S1/Pantsyr-S1M air defence missile-gun system, Tor-M2E 9K331ME air defence missile system with tracked chassis combat vehicle, Tor-M2KM  9K331MKM  air defence missile system with modular combat and technical means, Osa-AKM1 9K33M4 air defence missile systems.

Within the business schedule of the exhibition, it is planned to hold the offsite joint meeting of the Council of the Collegium of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation on the issues of the Military-Economic (Technical) Cooperation in the format of the CSTO, national parties of the CSTO ICMEC and the Business Council under the ICMEC.