The number of Russian participants of the International Defence Industry Fair IDEF 2011 increased 5 times

10 - 13 May 2011, Istanbul (Turkey) will play host to the International Defence Industry Fair IDEF 2011 to be participated by more than 500 manufacturers and suppliers of military purpose products (MPP) from 41 states.

The largest expositions will be presented by Turkey (170 companies), the USA (39 companies), Germany (35 companies), France (29 companies), the United Kingdom (29 companies), Italy (20 companies), Republic of South Africa (22 companies), and Switzerland (15 companies).

This year, as military and technical cooperation between Russia and Turkey has gained a new momentum, the number of Russian participants has impressively increased, and the area of the exposition in IDEF almost doubled versus 2009. 8 Russian companies will display their products, 3 of them will show MPP (FSUE Rosoboronexport, Ulan-Ude Plant OAO, and ROSAT OAO (Aircraft Repairs, and Maintenance).

Vertolyoty Rossii OAO (Russian Helicopters) will be a debut participant to present information about helicopters of different designation: Ka-52 multi-role all-weather combat helicopter, Mi-35M combat transport helicopter, Mi-28 combat helicopter, Mi -171Sh combat transport helicopter, as well as civil helicopters for police and rescue services.

A Russian delegation headed by Deputy Chief of the FSMTC Second Department on military and technical cooperation S.P. Garmash will officially represent the Russian Federation at the International Defence Industry Fair IDEF 2011.

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation expresses hope that the International Defence Industry Fair IDEF 2011 will make it possible to strengthen military and technical cooperation and associated business ties between Russia and its foreign partners.

Date of publication: 01.08.2011




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