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Alexander Fomin, FSMTC of Russia First Deputy Director

Since 2003, Russia has been stably the second after the USA in the world volume of deliveries of military purpose products (MPP) and has been continuously escalating their growth. Dynamic development of military and technical cooperation in 2009 was appreciably promoted by further improvement of its legal framework, efforts dedicated to reorganizing the structure of enterprises of the military-industrial complex and specialized exporters, as well as introduction of new forms and methods of their activity in the arms world market.

From 2001 to 2009, the total volume of the Russian military export has more than doubled, and in the last year, exceeded 8.8 billion USD.

Eleven MTC affiliated entities, including the state brokering company Rosoboronexport, outperformed their targets: Admiralty Shipyards by 2 times, PA OMZ- by 90%, FSUE MMPP Salyut - by 64.5%, КАО - by 61%. As well as in previous years, aircraft accounted for the basic volume (more than 50%) of export deliveries.

To date, Russia maintains military and technical cooperation with 80 states worldwide. In 2009, among importers of our arms were 62 countries. More than 70% of Russian MPP deliveries accounted for three countries – India (42%), Algeria (18%), and China (11%). As to deliveries of arms, military and special-purpose vehicles to CSTO member states, despite not so impressive absolute figures, volumes of deliveries show an upward tendency, and cooperation as a whole expands.

We also succeeded in reaching a record level of orders for Russian MPP – in the end of the year, it accounted for 42 billion USD. Such portfolio allows us to build a positive forecast. It is expected that in 2010, foreign customers will procure MPP at value of over 9.5 billion USD.

Advertising and exhibition activity in no small measure contributes to the overall MTC results in dealing with foreign states. Considering importance of optimization and development of this activity, FSMTC together with federal government authorities, Russian Technologies (Rostekhnologii) State Corporation, and Rosoboronexport develop conceptual approaches and measures of the state support, continuously improve its legal framework designed to expand MIC marketing capabilities, and attract investments into its innovative development and modernization.

So, in 2009, more than 700 meetings and negotiations were held during 9 Russian and 14 international exhibitions. MAKS 2009, IMDS 2009, and the Russian exhibition of arms, military technology, and ammunition Nizhni Tagil 2009 are among high-profile events, which have shown a stably high level of participation of Russian organizations and annually increasing quantity of foreign companies representing their products. Delegations of military departments and industrial companies from 64 states took part in 385 business meetings.

Russian MPP were demonstrated for the first time in:

- UAE – information about S-400 Triumph ADMS with anti-defense guided missiles, ADMS Buk-M2E wheel versions, and AAMS Tor-M2E, КМ–1М Krasnopol–М2, Hermes-A guided arms systems, RPO PDM-A (“Shmel-M”) man-portable rocket launcher of enhanced performance, as well as versions of RPG-32 Hashim hand held anti-tank grenade launcher, and 40-mm Balkan automatic grenade launcher;

- Brazil – models of TSN-O No2 nanosatellite, Ekspress-4000 multipurpose satellite platform, new generation Glonass-K navigation satellite, Luch-5А satellite re-translator and Amos-5 space vehicle, scale model of the P2500 aerial for tracking and control of space vehicles in distant space;

- France – a prototype model of a regional SuperJet 100, Lqtest–2,8 device for contactless detection of flammable and explosive liquids inside sealed vessels and Foxy-lab for detecting dangerous substances in the air, fire extinguishing labels for protecting electric equipment against ignition;

- Malaysia – a launcher of four Club-K multipurpose rockets mounted on a standard cargo container and Kasatka radar system intended for control of coastal water areas.

This year, Russian organizations, and enterprises will take part in 18 international exhibitions in Europe, Africa, Latin America, Middle East, India, China, South East Asia, and 7 in Russia. The largest exhibition is the first International Forum Technologies in mechanical engineering 2010 organized by FSMTC of Russia and the Russian Technologies (Rostekhnologii) State Corporation in the Exhibition and Transport Center Russia in Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast, in June 3 - July 4. Its purpose is to assist in development of mechanical engineering and other hi-tech industries, attract strategic foreign investors, and facilitate integration of Russia into the world economy.

The event format includes the International Defense Exhibition of Land Forces IDELF-2010, the International Industrial and Technological Exhibition INTERMASH 2010, the International Exhibition Aerospace-2010, and the International Forum and Exhibition of Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems 2010. Designated demonstration platform will be used for a large-scale display of arms and military materiel of military industrial enterprises, as well as the Ministry of Defense of Russia, including more than 60 full-scale versions of advanced, and museum equipment. The agenda includes a sports military show with participation of the Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force, and Navy (DOSAAF), and special force units of the Interior Ministry, the Emergencies Ministry, FSB, and the Ministry of Defense of Russia to foster military and patriotic education of citizens.

A comprehensive business agenda will cover a plenary session «Technical and technological modernization of mechanical engineering industry – bulwark for developing national economy», as well as thematic conferences, Round Tables, and discussions.

An International Conference «Equipping collective rapid deployment forces of the Collective Security Treaty Organization with advanced and technically compatible models of arms, military and special purpose materiel» and a session of the Business Council at the CSTO Interstate commission on the military and economic cooperation will be held jointly with the CSTO Secretariat Office.

Date of publication: 18.01.2011




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