21-26 August 2007, the International Aviation and Space Show MAKS-2007 will be held in Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast, in the grounds of Gromov-named Flight Research Institute.

The International Aviation and Space Show MAKS is one of the leading world air shows and the largest recognized forum of manufacturers of aircraft, AD systems, and space vehicles.

According to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation is empowered to supervise marketing, advertising, and exhibition activities in the military-technical cooperation. MAKS-2007 is not an exception.

More than 100 states, including Russian traditional partners in the military-technical cooperation, will showcase their products during this International Aviation and Space Show. Representatives of the Chinese state corporations will take part in the air show.

During MAKS 2007, the Russian defense producers will demonstrate their cutting-edge products and present for the first time the newest S-400 air defense missile system, a Su-35 4++ generation multi-role super maneuverable fighter, a MiG-35D multi-role fighter, a Mig-29K carrier-based multirole fighter aircraft, a Pantsir-S1 short-range gun and a missile air defense system, a Meteorite-A cruise missile, RSZO Smerch light combat vehicle.

Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation, and MTC entities schedule to conduct talks with official foreign delegations during the International Aviation and Space Show MAKS-2007.

The FSMTC of Russia expresses hope that the results of the International Aviation and Space Show MAKS-2007 will further promote development of military-technical cooperation, both with traditional Russian partners, and potential customers.

Date of publication: 20.08.2007




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