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On Interdepartmental Group at MAKS 2009

The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2009 is a high-profile exhibition at which local and foreign companies show their specimens of aerospace products, including military-purpose ones.
Warplanes and helicopters, airborne destruction means, power plants, instrument and navigation equipment, simulators and other products of the defense and industrial complex invariably attract a keen interest of both experts, and general public.
Military materiel trading is subject to special laws on the military and technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign states (MTC). Licensing of export and import military purpose products is a fundamental technique to carry out state regulation and maintain monopoly in the MTC area.
The License for temporary importation of foreign-made military-purpose products to the Russian Federation is a necessary condition for customs clearance and customs control of those products. Such licenses are issued by the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC of Russia), a Federal governmental authority in charge of MTC control and supervision functions.
The system to license export and import military-purpose products was initiated in 1992. The first ever license in the history of Russia for export specialty completing items to manufacture arms and military hardware was issued by the Strategic Analysis and MTC Licensing Division of the Main Administration of the Military-Technical Cooperation of the Russian Ministry for Foreign Economic Relations on 6 August 1992.
The licensing facility has been improved along with the MTC development system in whole, retaining its primary designation – to safeguard interest of the Russian Federation and carry out efficient and workable export control over military-purpose products. To complete and issue licenses for temporary importation of foreign-made military-purpose products to be shown at stands of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS is a special issue.
To provide permits for foreign military exhibits and ensure strict compliance with Russian legal regulations relating to the military-technical cooperation, federal governmental agencies under auspices of FSMTC of Russia by their joint Resolution set up an ad hoc Interdepartmental Group composed of officials of the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian Interior Ministry, the Russian Industry and Trade Ministry, the Russian Federal Customs Service, and FSUE Rosoboronexport.
Smooth coordinated efforts, and quick responsive actions of authorized officials of federal authorities, members of the Group, created favorable conditions to carry out identification of military purpose products, issue relevant licenses for temporary importation of products to the Russian Federation, and apply the principle «from wheels to stands». The Group started to perform its functions in 2003 at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2003. By achieved results, the Group proved that it had taken the right course.
Subject to Instructions of the Russian Federation President on creating favorable environment to promote Russian military purpose products in the world market, FSMTC of Russia has taken consistent efforts to raise efficiency of public regulation in the MTC area, optimize procedures for performance of public functions, elaboration and unification of law enforcement approaches.


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