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From 18 to 23 August 2009, the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2009 to be located at the Gromov-named Flight Research Institute will be held in Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast. The Russian Federation Industry and Trade is the sponsor of the Salon. The Sponsor Committee of the International Aviation and Space Salon will be headed by V.B. Khristenko, Minister of the Russian Federation Industry and Trade. M.A. Dmitriev, FSMTC of Russia Director, is appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Sponsor Committee.
The key purpose of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS is to assist in export of products manufactured by enterprises of aircraft building and space and missile industries to the world market.
The Exhibition will be located in halls with a total area of 26,114 sq.m. of which 3,714 sq. m are outdoor sites.
According to the Sponsor, the inauguration event will be visited by leaders of the Russian Federation, officials from Ministries, Agencies and leading defense industry enterprises from Russia and foreign countries.
Applications for participation in the exhibition were submitted by 436 Russian enterprises of which 120 are manufacturers of military materiel including 14 MTC –affiliated entities (totaling 1,449 MPP exhibits of which 470 are full-scale specimens). As it was at previously held Aviation Salons, corporations and holdings tended to participate in MAKS with joint stands. The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), organizations of the United Industrial Corporation Oboronprom, including products of the United Engine Building Corporation, and the Helicopters of Russia Holding will display for the first time their products at the joint exposition. Temporary pavilions will be occupied by exhibits of Roscosmos, the Russian Space Forces, and the Avionica Concern. A separate pavilion will be used by aircraft industry enterprises incorporated in the Rostekhnologii State Corporation.
For the first time in the MAKS 2009 flight agenda and at the static display, the Russian latest short-haul aircraft SuperJet 100 will be shown
Static display at MAKS 2009 is divided in two parts. In Zone B on concrete takeoff and landing strip 1 is a station for civil and military aircraft and helicopters with take-off weight of more than 3 tonnes. In Zone C is a station of general-purpose aircrafts and helicopters with take-off weight of not more than 3 tonnes, and also exotic flying vehicles created by aviation lovers. In zone C visitors can see balloons, and have a familiarization flight on a captive balloon.
Foreign products will be placed at stands of 221 companies from 29 states (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Czech Republic, China, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, the UK, India, Iran, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Morocco, the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, the USA, and Uzbekistan).
Among foreign participants are world leading manufacturers of aircraft equipment, such as EADS, AIRBUS, FINMECCANICA, SAFRAN, ROLLS-ROYCE, UNITED TECHNOLOGIES, ISRAEL AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES, BOEING ОАО MOTOR SICH, BOMBARDIER, DIAMOND AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES, OOO AEROSOYUZ, AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES, the European Space Agency, etc. Airbus A-380 is expected to arrive at MAKS 2009.
Interest to MAKS 2009 was shown by China’s leading corporations, such as AVIC, China Great Wall Industry Corporation, and CASC. Indian leading national companies HAL and BRAMOS confirmed their participation in the exhibition.
During MAKS 2009, visitors will be able to watch demonstration flights conducted by pilots on best Russian and foreign flying vehicles. Demo flights will be performed by 100 Russian and foreign aircraft. Best pilots of the Russian Design Office Centers will demonstrate aerobatic flights and sky acrobatics on new fighters of 4th and 5th generations, which are equipped with turbine-powered engines with changeable thrust vector, and demonstrate close combat elements. At MAKS 2009, Russian best aerobatic teams will perform new exciting programs: Russkie Vitiazi on heavy aircrafts Su-27, and Strizhi on fighters MiG-29. The Lipetsk aerobatic team Sokoly Rossii will show group, pair and single flying programs on aircrafts Su-27, Su-24, and MiG-29. They will conduct several demo air fights, and show their specialty - «tactical wing» that consists of 11 fighters.
Hydro-airplanes from the Russian Emergencies Ministry will demonstrate their fire-fighting abilities.
At MAKS 2009, visitors will have a chance to see performances of foreign aerobatic teams: Italian Frecce Tricolori will perform in group of 9 light training jet aircrafts Aermacchi MB-339, French Patrouille de France - in group of 8 light training jet aircrafts AlfaJet. Aerobatics on fighter Rafal will be demonstrated by pilots of French Air Force.
To participate in the Exhibition, there will arrive 158 official delegations of military, diplomatic agencies, and manufacturing companies from 108 states such as Argentina, Algeria, Venezuela, China, India, Germany, the UK, Israel, Indonesia, Canada, Brazil, Cuba, Bolivia, Uruguay, Peru, Mexico, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Malaysia, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Angola, Botswana, Cameroon, Senegal, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, etc.
A number of talks and business meetings on military and technical matters are scheduled to be held with leaders and members of those delegations.
The business agenda includes congresses, conferences, round tables, and workshops. Officials from the Russian President’s Administration, the Council of Federation, and the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the European Parliament and the European Commission, governments and organizations of European states, and the European international organizations will be speakers at a variety of events.
The International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS 2009 enjoys an increasing popularity and authority in the world, and by quantity of participants it is on equal footing with the world’s leading Air Shows, such as AERO INDIA, DUBAI AIR SHOW, FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL, the International Air Space Exhibition ILA.
The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation hopes that MAKS 2009 will further contribute to development of Russian aircraft, space, and defense industries, wider international collaboration and military and technical cooperation, and attract new investments to Russian science intensive technologies.


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