The First International Forum “Engineering Technologies 2010” will be held from June 30 to July 4, 2010 in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, at the grounds of the Transport Exhibition Center “Russia”.

Its purpose is to demonstrate successes of a local machine-building industry, attract investments, provide support and strengthen engineering and research potential of the military-industrial complex.

The Organizing Committee is headed by FSMTC of Russia Director M.A. Dmitriev and Director General of the State Corporation Rostekhnologii S.V. Chemezov.

Unlike earlier exhibitions held in Russia, the Forum will focus on the comprehensive business agenda to be opened with a plenary meeting “Technical and technological modernization of the machine-building complex as backbone of the country’s economy development” to be held in the format applicable at the top international forums. Among the key items on the Forum’s agenda are equipping the CSTO emergency response forces with modern weapons, military equipment and special vehicles, predicting the most promising areas of engineering development, etc. A number of events with participation of the NATO and CSTO international organization will be held.

The exhibition of the Forum will combine a number of different exhibitions:

International Show of Weapons and Military Equipment "MVSV 2010" (MPP will be displayed according to Decree of the Russian Federation Government dated 2 September 2009 № 1275-r);

International Air and Space Exhibition "AEROSPACE 2010";

International Exhibition "Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems UVS-TECH 2010";

International Exhibition of Engineering Technologies "INTERMASH 2010"

The Forum will be a debut show of models of communication facilities and radio intelligence:

SNAR-10 mobile ground artillery reconnaissance radar, portable radar 1L122E (ОАО Concern Almaz-Antey);

Vitim Radar station (ОАО NPK NIIDAR);

R-168-1KE Radio station (ОАО Yaroslavl Radio Factory);

UHF multi-channel and VHF portable radio stations (ОАО Concern Sozvezdie);

Mobile complex of shortwave radio monitoring Natisk-1 (FSUE PO Kvant);

Mobile signal complex MIK-MKS (ZАО Production and Research Firm Mikran);

Automated control system of land forces «Akatsia – E» (FSUE Concern Systemprom).

The Forum agenda will include demo operations of arms and military equipment of the Defense Ministry of Russia and manufacturers, including flights of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The Federal Service for Military-Technical cooperation expresses hope that the International Forum “Engineering Technologies 2010” will promote development of machine-building and defensive industries in Russia, expand international cooperation and military-technical cooperation, and attract investments into science intensive technologies of Russia.


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Date of publication: 10.08.2010




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