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From 15 to 21 June 2009, Le Bourge (France) will be the venue of the PARIS AIR SHOW 2009.
The sponsor of the Air Show is the French Aerospace Industries Association (GIFAS).
Since 1909, the International Paris Air Show has been held biennially, and it is the world’s largest show to display the newest aircraft developments. It is the trade show where the majority of deals in the aerospace industry is concluded.
This year, the Show celebrates its 100th anniversary, and it will be the first event to be held under a wide agenda of the year’s (2010) official events of the Russian Federation in France and France in the Russian Federation.
Key topical areas of the Show are air and air defense arms and military equipment, aircraft building and civil aviation equipment, and aerospace technologies.
Traditional major exhibitors at the Show are Russia, Belgium, the UK, Germany, Israel, Spain, Italy, Canada, the Netherlands, the USA and France.
Subject to Order by FSMTC of Russia dated 30 May 2008, the Russian Federation will participate in the Show. The sponsor of the Russian Exhibition is the Rostekhnologii State Corporation.
48 Russian companies will feature their products within a 2,000 sq. m area.
Under auspices of the Rostekhnologii State Corporation, 17 Russian defense industry companies will display their products within a 350 sq. m area (more than 500 items in total, including 225 items of military purpose products).
To enhance prestige of the Russian aircraft building industry and support the international cooperation agenda, ОАО Sukhoi Company jointly with ОАО RSK MiG as agreed with FSMTC of Russia will place the stand among world’s major air companies, including the Company’s partner firms of the SuperJet 100 Project.
Near the main Russian exposition, 16 enterprises of the space missile industry under the Roscosmos competence, will showcase their products.
The stand of FSUE Rosoboronexport will be used by the Belgian Company FN Herstal S.A. to display НМЗ.50 Cal. machine gun pods and RMP/50 Cal./2,75” rocket machine gun pods to be installed on Mi-17-type military transport helicopters to adapt and integrate their arms according to NATO standards.
Officials of FSUE Rosoboronexport plan to have meetings with officials of military agencies and representatives of business community of European, Asian and African states and companies, as well as to arrange presentations of products released by Russian defense industry enterprises.
The newest Russian regional Superjet 100 plane, which will participate in demo flights, will be introduced to the general public. ОАО Sukhoi Company intends to hold a press conference “Sukhoi Superjet 100” on the Show’s opening day.
Key goals for Russia to participate in the Show are to strengthen Russian-French military-technical cooperation, promote Russian aircraft equipment in the world market, establish and develop mutually beneficial contacts with foreign partners, maintain information exchange, and look for new opportunities to carry out joint developments.
The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation views the PARIS AIR SHOW 2009 as landmark in development and strengthening military and technical cooperation and associated business relationships with foreign partners, and, above all, from Europe.


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