The international exhibition of land and naval armaments "DEFEXPO INDIA"
      The Federal Service for Military-technical Cooperation
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      The international exhibition of land and naval armaments “DEFEXPO INDIA” is one of the most meaningful and representative armaments’ exhibitions in the Asia region. It is carried out for the fourth time in Indian capital city – Dailey. The exhibition subject-matter embraces armored techniques, artillery, shooting arm, means of air-defense, REF and communications, army aviation, naval armaments, satellite and space technologies, fibro-electric devices, the production of dual destination.
      Russia takes part in the exhibition from the moment of its foundation and it is not occasionally. India is our strategic partner. The relationships with it are far from being just “marketable” ones. We have in our assets both the licensed producing of the Russian production on the territory of India, and joint development and producing the production of military purpose. The main interest lies in the plans for joint research and pilot-engineering developments in the sphere of high tech, connected with the projects of creating the manageable missile armament of various types, and also the perspective samples of aeronautical engineering.
      That is why the traditional wide “DEFEXPO INDIA” exhibition membership of Russia became a really regular one. It is a great opportunity for our enterprises to present their production to the potential clients from India and the other countries of that region.
      The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC) formed the official Russian delegation presided by the deputy director of the Service V.K. Dzirkaln. It consists of the representatives of the Russian Federation State Power Bodies. The functions of the organizer of the whole Russian exposition are entrusted on the state agent – FPUE “Rosoboronexport”. There will be represented about thirty Russian enterprises with the extremely wide list of products within the bounds of the exposition. The idea of making the exposition and the list of the samples of the Russian military purpose production being exposed have been formed basing on the preliminary marketing analysis of armaments and defense technology needs of military services of Indian Republic and other countries of that region.
      The FSMTC of Russia believes the exhibition “DEFEXPO INDIA” will add the impetus for the military-technical cooperation development of Russia and India and other countries of the region and that, in its turn, will consolidate peace and the whole world stability.

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Date of publication: 02.02.2006




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