Interviewed by Oleg FALICHEV
Obnosov B.V.
Tactical Missiles Corporation ОАО
Dear Boris Viktorovich,

On behalf of the Federal Service for military-technical cooperation and on my own behalf, please, accept sincere greetings on the 10th year anniversary of your enterprise!

Today, the public joint-stock company Tactical Missiles Corporation is one of the world's largest developers and manufacturers of high-precision missiles and ship-borne and land-based missile systems. The integrated technological complex incorporates 19 leading enterprises of the military industrial complex. It is a unified technological complex consisting of design offices, pilot and commercial factories providing a closed production, technological and operational cycle of developing, manufacturing, testing, after-sales service, repairs, upgrading, and recycling of delivered models.

Missile systems created by the team of your Corporation possess high operational characteristics and a huge export potential. The Corporation is authorized to carry out independent foreign trade activity relating to service and repair of export models, including delivery of spare parts, units of training and military property, personnel training.

For achievements in the military-technical cooperation, you and your enterprise twice became winners of competition for the annual «Golden Idea» National Prize.

From the bottom of the heart, I wish you, dear Boris Viktorovich, all of your team of the Tactical Missiles Corporation sound health, well-being, further successes in your performance and undertakings for the benefit of Russia!

Date of publication: 28.03.2012




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