Exhibition and Advertising activities of military purpose products is an integral component of the military-technical cooperation between Russian Federation and foreign states and one of the underlying elements of the marketing system aimed at promoting Russian arms and military hardware on the world arms market.

Primary goals for the Russian Federation participation in the international exhibitions of military purpose products are to sustain traditional and enter into new areas of arms export, expand a range of military-purpose products, works and services of the Russian manufacture in this area, increase the prestige of Russian arms and military hardware in the world, build and maintain continuing interest to them.

For 2007 – 2008, lists of foreign exhibitions were approved by Order of the Government of the Russian Federation. With the issue of Russian Government Order dated June 2, 2007 № 339 «On Regulations for international exhibitions of models of military purpose products in the Russian Federation and participation of Russian organizations in such exhibitions in foreign states», the right to approve lists of the international exhibitions held in foreign states and authorized for display of Russian exposition of military purpose products was granted to the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation.

The FSMTC of Russia with due regard to the position of stakeholders represented by federal government authorities and MTC entities, independently and for the first time ever, issued the Order on approval of lists of international exhibitions in foreign states for two years (2009 - 2010).

Based on the objective set by the President of the Russian Federation for elaborating strategic planning for federal government authorities, the lists of exhibitions for the next two years will enable to more systematically arrange and coordinate exhibition and advertising activities in the military-technical cooperation on arms markets taking into account political and economic interests of Russia.

Besides, considering new exhibitions of arms and military hardware in various regions of the world to be opened annually, the FSMTC of Russia can quickly amend the Order, when
Russian defense enterprises feel the need to take part in the exhibitions not included in the list.

In 2009 – 2010, Russian defense enterprises will annually take part in 14 foreign exhibitions.

According to Federal law of the Russian Federation dated November 23, 2007 № 270 «On State Corporation Rostekhnologii", the functions of the organizer of the Russian exposition are delegated to the State Corporation.

According to the Russian Federation
Government Order dated 2 June 2007 № 339 if functions of the organizer of an exhibition are performed by federal government authorities, lists of such exhibitions are approved by the Government of the Russian Federation. In previous years, functions of the organizer of the Russian exposition at the International Exhibitions «AVIATION EXPO CHINA» and "ILA" were carried out by the Federal Industry Service. Participations of Russian enterprises and the organizer of expositions at exhibitions 2009 – 2010 will be determined additionally in a due manner.

The full text of Order dated 30 May 2008 № 80 is posted on the site of the FSMTC of Russia in Section «Exhibition and Advertising».

Date of publication: 16.06.2008




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