The ceremony of the National premium “Golden Idea” laureates’ bestowal

The 15-th of December 2005 the national premium “Golden Idea” laureates’ bestowal ceremony will take place.
The annual national premium “Golden idea” was instituted by the Federal Service for military-technical cooperation in order to stimulate Russian military-purposed production exporting, development and producing of the newest competitive export-oriented domestic armaments and defense technology samples.
The prize is awarded in the result of competitive comparing in accordance with the decision of the Managerial committee for merits and progresses in the sphere of military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign countries in the following nominations:
1. “For contribution into the sphere of export-oriented military purposed production development”;
2. “For the progresses in the sphere of producing export-oriented military purposed production”;
3. “The best enterprise-cooperator” – for contribution into competitive ability advancing of export-oriented munition”;
4. “For personal contribution, initiative and zeal in the military-technical cooperation solution;
5. “For contribution into propaganda of military-technical cooperation and data assistance for military purposed production exporting”;
6. “Young talents” – for progresses in the sphere of military-technical cooperation, development and production of export-oriented armament and defense technology samples”.
In the year 2005 (according to the results of the year 2004) the National premium “Golden Idea” pointed out composite authors and specialists of the leading Russian organizations, research institutions, design offices and enterprises, developing and producing the munition and per se taking part in the export providing process. The representatives of the defense ministry of Russia direction, Federal Service for military-technical cooperation, the ministry of economic advancement of Russia, the ministry of industry and energy of Russia, Federal Agency of industry, Federal space agency, the Russian union of makers and entrepreneurs, the League of assistance to defense industry enterprises, and also sponsors of the premium JICB “NOMOS
-BANK”, OC JSB “EUROFINANCE MOSNARBANK”, FPUE “Rosoboronexport”, IOC “Russkiy Strakhovoy Centr” will take part in the FSMTC diplomas and memorable prizes presentation to the winners of the regular, fifth competition for the National premium “Golden Idea”.

Date of publication: 12.12.2005




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