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LIMA 2013 International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition to take place in Malaysia, on the Langkawi island, from 26 to 30 March 2013. The Exhibition is held with assistance of the Government of Malaysia, the Ministry of Defence and the Command of Armed Forces of Malaysia. Subjects are the aviation equipment, ADMS, space technologies, naval equipment and arms, programs for repair and modernisation of aviation hardware, high-precision weapon control systems, unmanned flying machines, technical surveillance means, trainers, and training programs.

Russia has been a participant of the exhibition since its first edition in 1991. In comparison with the previous exhibitions, the format of the Russian exposition organized by Rostechnologii State Corporation has been almost doubled in the quantity of participants, and occupied area.

Military products (about 300 exhibits) will be showcased by 22 organisations, including Rosoboronexport OAO (Moscow), ОАК ОАО (Moscow), Sukhoi Company OAO (Moscow), RSK MiG OAO (Moscow), NPK KBM OAO (Kolomna), OPK OBORONPROM OAO (Moscow), OSK ОАО (St.-Petersburg), etc.

Models and other advertising materials will acquaint visitors with Т-50 fifth generation advanced multirole fighter, Su-35 super-maneuverable multi-role fighter, Мi-28NE combat helicopter, Мi-35M transport combat helicopter, Ka-52 all-weather attack helicopter, Mi-26Т heavy transport helicopter, 9А317E self-propelled fire unit, Buk-М2E 9К317E air defence missile system, Pantsir-S1 wheeled armoured combat vehicle of the surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system, Gepard-3.9 Frigate (on the basis of the patrol ship of project 11661), Mirage patrol boat of project 14310, Sobol patrol boat of project 12200, etc.

To demonstrate the flag of Russia as leading marine power, Marshal Shaposhnikov big anti-submarine ship entered the Langkawi port under the command of the Rear Admiral V.N.Vdovenko.

World famous Russian aerobatics team Russian Knights will take part in the flight program of the exhibition.

Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation believes that LIMA 2013 International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition will be an important stage of development and strengthening of military and technical cooperation and business relations between Russia and foreign partners, and, first of all, countries of Asia-Pacific region.

Date of publication: 06.12.2013




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