Press release

MAKS 2013 International Aerospace Show to be held in Zhukovsky from 27 August to 1 September

Venue: Zhukovsky, Moscow Oblast, Minpromtorg of Russia is the Organizer of an exhibition.

Total exposition area is 19351 sq. metres indoors, and 6360 sq. m out of doors.


850 companies, among them there are 576 Russian and 274 foreign organisations from 42 countries, will take part in the exhibition.
11 national displays - Germany (45), France (36), Ukraine (26), the USA (22), Belgium (18), Canada (11), Poland (11), Switzerland (8), Belarus (8), Czech Republic (8), the UK (5) - will be organized at MAKS 2013.
The Show will play host to the leading world companies of the aerospace industry, such as Boeing (USA), United Technologies Corporation (USA), EADS (Netherlands), AIRBUS (France), SAFRAN Group (France), the European Space Agency (France), Rolls-Royce (the UK), Finmeccanica (Italy), Elettronica (Italy), Rohde and Schwarz (Germany), Siemens (Germany), Motor Sich OAO (Ukraine), SE Antonov (Ukraine), SC Ukroboronprom (Ukraine), Beltechexport ZAO (Belarus), BrahMos Aerospace (India),Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) (India) AVIC (China), China Great Wall Industrial Corporation (China), Bombardier (Canada), Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) (Israel), etc.

Teijin Limited and Interactive Corporation (Japan), ACS (Australia), SKF (Sweden), SouthCo (the UK), TE Connectivity (USA/Germany), Lap Laser (Germany), and other companies as a part of national displays of France, the USA, and Canada are among newcomers at MAKS.

Demonstration program

Aviation vehicles available with the Defence Ministry of Russia, such as OAK ОАО, Russian Helicopters OAO, and other Russian organizations as well as aircraft building companies from the USA, France, the UK, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and others are showcased on the static parking.

12 flight groups piloting 142 flying machines will show their skills.

For the first time, in Russia, the 1st August flight group of the Air Forces of China named in honour of the date of creation of People's Liberation Army of China will perform.

Demonstration of flights of McDonnel Douglas F/A-18 Hornet planes of Swiss Confederation will become the Show’s novelty.

Business agenda

FSMTC of Russia invited official delegations from 79 foreign states to MAKS 2013.

The Show’s business agenda will be opened with the International Aviation Congress to be visited by Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D.A.Medvedev, and Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D.O.Rogozin.

Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation wishes all participants of the MAX 2013 International Aerospace Show mutually beneficial cooperation and productive work.

Date of publication: 06.12.2013




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