FSMTC of Russia Deputy Director Konstantin Biryulin: "We hope, competitiveness of our armoured vehicles, as well a other types of arms of Land forces will remain at high level"?

Early September, Nizhny Tagil will play host to the international exhibition offering a wide range of arms and military technology of land forces. FSMTC Deputy Director Konstantin BIRYULIN told Interfax-AVN about the magnitude of this exhibition and policies of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation in the exhibition and advertising activity.

- Konstantin Nikolaevich, today, Russia is a venue of a number of exhibitions of arms of land forces. For example, in Omsk, Nizhny Tagil. Then, the idea of a similar event - the International Military Technology Show in Zhukovsky - was born. Isn’t it a bit too much?

- The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation does not pursue, so to say, a prohibitive approach in the exhibition and advertising activity. We do not forbid events initiated by regions and enterprises.

We recognise that any exhibition and advertising event promotes our arms and military technology on the market.

On the other hand, we understand that not all exhibition platforms are equally effective. Some of them, unfortunately, have no appropriate facilities, including for reception, accommodation, and organisation of normal work of many foreign delegations. And, sorry, it is already a matter of prestige of the country playing host to an exhibition. For this reason, the issue on reduction of quantity of exhibitions of arms of land forces to be held in Russia, and their, so to say, concentration in one place was discussed at a certain point.

If you remember, originally, our plans for this year have not included any exhibition of arms "VTTV – Omsk – 2011". But the Rostekhnologii State Corporation and the authorities of the Omsk region requested us to hold this exhibition as it is important for the region, and can show the level of its production potential. As they say, meeting half-way wishes, FSMTC of Russia has made the decision to hold this exhibition in July, involving the State Corporation Rostekhnologii as Organizer of the Exhibition.

In our view, the exhibition has reached its goals. Exhibitions of arms "VTTV - Omsk" may also be held in the future. But we also see certain organizational problems there.

- And what about the International Military Technology Show (MVSV) in Zhukovsky?

- Concept of this exhibition has been developing. As you remember, last year, MVSV was held for the first time in Zhukovsky. It was clear from the very beginning that it would be wrong to hold this event as a usual exhibition of arms and military technology of land forces. Agree, it would be wrong to bring to the area near Moscow models of military vehicles, display them, and that’s it. We wished to enhance magnitude of this event. Therefore, last year, we held MVSV not as an exhibition, but rather as industrial and innovation forum. We tried to create a platform for a high-profile discussion of challenges faced by the military-industrial complex. And such conversation took place with participation of Russian leaders. It was the first step.
MVSV featured multi-purpose arms and vehicles. It generated a great deal of interest of our foreign partners.

The Government has already made decision to hold MVSV in 2012. The forum will be sponsored by the Industry and Trade Ministry, the Federal Service for military-technical cooperation and the State Corporation Rostekhnologii.

Like in the last year, the innovation component has been taken as the basis for the event. We have been supported by the Industry and Trade Ministry. Perhaps, the forum «MVSV – 2012» will be not such spectacular as the Air Show «MAKS», but it will be a significant event for the whole military-industrial complex. We intend to put on the agenda issues of innovations, introduction of new technologies and involve in discussion leaders of the defence industry, leading corporations, and officials of core ministries and agencies.

The Forum «MVSV – 2012» should give an impulse to many solutions. We count on it.

- 8th International Exhibition of arms, weapons and ammunition "Russian exhibition of arms. Nizhny Tagil - 2011" will be inaugurated on 8 September. What is the importance of this Exhibition in the opinion of FSMTC of Russia?

- Nizhny Tagil possesses a very good platform for display of arms and weapons of land forces. I was there about one month ago, and I can tell that the Expocentre has been substantially modernised, and changed even its appearance.

This year, the Exhibition will be combined with the 75
th anniversary of the flagship of the Russian armored vehicles Uralvagonzavod. I think it will raise the status of Exhibition, and generate more interest.

A record number of participants is expected. About 300 Russian and foreign enterprises confirmed their participation, such as the Tactical Missiles Corporation, Concern PVO Almaz-Antey, Oboronservice OAO, KamAz. The Show will hit a record high by the occupied exhibition areas, and by the quantity of foreign delegations which have expressed their desire to visit the Exhibition.

A large scale display of arms and military vehicles is planned. For the first time, for example, a new modification of the T-90 tank will be shown. I want to remind that the T-90 tank recently exposed to a not deserved criticism in mass-media has successfully passed tests in very hazardous conditions of the Middle East. Our Т-90 is a unique tank passed all tests in Saudi Arabia where it competed with the best models from France, Germany and other countries. Т-90 has shown the highest performance in terms of survivability, technical availability, desert crossing capacity.

Tank T-90 new modification to be shown at the exhibition in Nizhny Tagil has combined the best achievements of Uralvagonzavod and DB Transport Engineering. The tank turret has by far and large changed in terms of ergonomics and crew placement. Possible installation of the latest control and sighting facilities will be shown. Accordingly, the design of the area behind turret is has been changed. A new gun with high performance barrel in terms of service life and quantity of rounds has been installed.

I am sure that a Tank T-90 new modification which by its combat performance can on equal compete with foreign analogues will be interesting for foreign customers, especially, taking into account attractive price of our armoured vehicles.
We have invited to the exhibition to Nizhny Tagil all our foreign partners, military agencies of those countries which bought the Soviet and Russian tanks. I hope they will respond and arrive to look at the production facility of powerful vehicles – Uralvagonzavod to celebrate its 75
th anniversary.

Life-size models of land arms of foreign manufacturers, in particular, Iveco Defense Vehicles, Renault Trucks Defense, Nexter will be also shown at the Exhibition. Among foreign participants, there will be shown the unified national displays of France, Ukraine and Belarus.

- You have mentioned critics towards our developers and manufacturers of armoured vehicles. It is said that by a number of performance indicators, they are not at the world level. What do you think whether MIC’s research and production potential can reverse the situation?

- In terms of the potential of our science, and intellect, certainly, we can meet the latest requirements in our models. At least, leaders of our defence enterprises say so. Certainly, there are difficulties. First of all, they are connected with new technologies, electronic component base. We hope competitiveness of our armoured vehicles, as well as other types of arms of land force remains at a high level.

- As a whole, does the Nizhny Tagil exhibition have bright prospects?

- I will repeat FSMTC of Russia encourages events aimed to increase attractiveness of our arms and military technology. If we see that there is a desire to hold this or that exhibition and if it is properly supported by interest from foreign companies and potential buyers of Russian military-purpose products, of course we will support such initiative.

I think that Nizhny Tagil has a promising potential in this respect.

Date of publication: 14.11.2011




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