Dear colleagues, dear friends,60 years ago, on 8 May 1953, the Main Engineering Administration at the Ministry of internal and foreign trade of the USSR was founded so as to carry out deliveries of arms and military vehicles. Since then, the state policy principle in this area remains invariable – priority of interests of Russia under strict compliance with international standards and commitments.

For years of its existence, the MTC system has continuously developed and improved, which has allowed our country to become a world leader in the amount of export of arms and military vehicles, considerably broaden geography of export of Russian military products.

Military and technical cooperation, being a part of the foreign policy of the Russian Federation, promotes strengthening of partner relations with other countries, increase of defence capacity of our allies. Besides, MTC renders a pivotal impact on the development of the Russian industry, and gives a powerful impulse for improvement of high technologies.

Today, we are at the transition stage from performance of contracts for deliveries of individual arms to foreign customers to implementation of integrated programs to maintain military security of importer countries and expansion of practice of performance of joint international projects.

I am convinced that development of military and technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign states will promote further maintenance of national security, and its broader presence in the world arms markets.

I wish veterans, and all involved in MTC system creative successes, fresh ideas and new discoveries, which become a worthy contribution to strengthening of defence capacity of Russia and increase of its prestige.

Date of publication: 06.12.2013




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