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Forth SITDEF PERU 2013 International Show of Defence Technologies to be held within the grounds of the General Staff of the Land forces in Lima (Republic of Peru) from 15 to 19 May 2013.

Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Peru is the organizer of the exhibition. It features armoured vehicles and artillery, aircraft and avionics, ADMS systems, telecommunication facilities, engineering and sanitary equipment, mine clearance means, and auxiliaries, including special purpose equipment and equipment for prevention of acts of nature and natural cataclysms.

Companies from 24 countries will take part in the exhibition.

The Russian exposition is formed taking into account plans for promotion of military products to markets of Peru and other countries of Latin America, and this year, it will be one of the most representative one at the Show. Rostechnologii State Corporation is its organizer.

12 Russian organisations will take part in the exhibition, including Rosoboronexport OAO, NPK Uralvagonzavod ОАО, NPO SPLAV OAO, KPB OAO, NPK KBM OAO, PO NPZ OAO, NPO Bazalt OAO, etc.
500 sq. m will be used for display of 386 military exhibits, including versions of Т-90S upgraded tank, unified trainer for antiaircraft gunners or Igla type MANPADS (as part of 9К338 system), 9F660-1М trainer to Kornet-EM antitank missile system.

To represent officially the Russian Federation at the Show, the delegation headed by Deputy Director of FSMTC of Russia K.N.Biryulin was formed.

During the Show, many negotiations with military officials of the Republic of Peru and other states of the region concerning military and technical cooperation are expected to be held.

Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation expresses hope that SITDEF PERU 2013 will help strengthen business relations between Russia and foreign partners, first of all, with the states of Latin America, in the military and technical cooperation.

Date of publication: 06.12.2013




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