1 - 5 December 2009, the International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition LIMA 2009, world’s largest exhibition in the Asia-Pacific Region, showcasing defense technologies, will be held in the Mahsuri International Exhibition Center (MIEC) in Langkawi, Malaysia. Its Organizer is the World Aerospace Sdn. Bhd. The Exhibition is held under the aegis of the Malaysian Defense Ministry. Aviation equipment, anti-aircraft defense, space technologies, maritime equipment and arms are among themes of the Exhibition.
More than 450 participants from 24 countries are expected at the Exhibition. 14 national pavilions will display exhibits. 280 delegations from 60 states have applied for accreditation
The total area of the exposition is 21,320 square meters.
Various type flying vehicles, including F-16 FALCON (Air Forces of Singapore), F111 (Air Forces of Australia), Su-30МКМ, MiG-29 (Air Forces of Malaysia), AH-64 APACHE helicopters (Air Forces of Singapore), BLACK HAWK (Air Forces of Brunei), AGUSTA 109A (armed forces of Malaysia), etc., will be presented during the Exhibition.
Various types of combat ships and boats will be demonstrated by Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, Singapore, Thailand, and the USA.
Russian defense industry enterprises will participate in the Exhibition according to Order issued by FSMTC of Russia dated 30 May 2008 №80-od.
The organizer of the Russian exposition is the Rostekhnologii State Corporation.
29 Russian enterprises, including 6 entities of the military and technical cooperation, such as Rostekhnologii State Corporation, FSUE Rosoboronexport, ОАО Sukhoi Company, ОАО RSK MiG, OAO CKB MT Rubin, OAO Tactical Missiles Corporation, will participate in the Exhibition. Military-purpose products will be displayed by 19 Russian defense industry enterprises.
The total area of the Russian exposition is 320 square meters.
About 300 exhibits of military-purpose products will be shown to visitors.
Information will be provided about multi-role Su-35, Su-30MK fighters, a Su-32 fighter bomber, materials about upgraded MiG family warplanes, such as MiG-29CMT, MiG–29CM, MiG-29CE, a MiG-29K ship-borne fighter, and data about a MiG-35 multi-role fighter, different purpose helicopters, such as a Mi-35M combat helicopters, К-50, Кa-52, and a Ka-31 radar picket naval helicopter, a Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter in service in a military role, and a Mi-171SH military transport helicopter.
A Sukhoi SuperJet 100 regional airliner, a civil project of the Sukhoi Holding, will be shown at the Exhibition.
FSUE Rosoboronexport intends to make presentation to the Malaysian Defense Ministry of ADMS “Buk-M2E”, AAMS “Tor-M2E”, and "Igla-S" portable antiaircraft missile complex (PAAMC).
Maritime Equipment and Arms Section will showcase:
A "Tornado" small rocket (artillery) ship, a "Corsair" patrol ship, a “Gepard-3.9” patrol ship, a "Tiger" small patrol ship, a “Gepard -5.1” ocean patrol ship, and a
”Gepard -5.3” frigate;

Different purpose boats of over 10 tonne displacement and speed of up to 55 knots, such as "Sable", "Mongoose", "Mirage" patrol boats, a «Mercury» sea customs boat, a "Terrier” guard boat, a А106 multi-purpose coast guard boat, effective for anti-sea piracy and anti-terrorism operations;
Submarines – a Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine (Project 636), a «Amur-1650» diesel-electric submarine (Project 677E), and small coastal submarines;
“Murena” and "Zubr" hovercrafts designed to sealift landing assault units and combat material; and
Various systems of arms, combat and engineering systems to be installed on underwater and surface ships, and radar stations, such as a CLUB-M multi-purpose mobile coastal missile system, shipborne missile systems with anti-ship missiles, shipborne antiaircraft guided missile systems, a “Rubin-EG” automated communication system for surface ships, “Parus-98E” unified periscope system, “Pozitiv-MEK” shipborne multi-function electronic system, a “Komor” submarine detection station, a Laska versatile small-size fire control radar for 30 mm – 76 mm shipborne guns, etc.
The Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation of Russia views the International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition LIMA 2009 as important stage in development and strengthening military and technical cooperation, and associated business ties between Russia and its foreign partners, and, first of all, with Asia-Pacific states.


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