In accordance with the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 1577 dated November 26, 2007 “On Open Joint Stock Company Rosoboronexport” the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosoboronexport was reorganized into the Open Joint Stock Company Rosoboronexport, and on July 1, 2011 it was officially registered.

The promoter of JSC Rosoboronexport is the Russian Federation – the sole stockholder of JSC Rosoboronexport.

JSC Rosoboronexport is a legal successor of FSUE Rosoboronexport and a state intermediary agency for carrying out foreign trade activities regarding the whole range of the military purpose products listed in the Federal Law No. 114-FZ dated July 19, 1998 “On Military-Technical Cooperation of the Russian Federation with Foreign States”.

JSC Rosoboronexport carries out its activities with the aim of implementation the policy of the State in the area of military-technical cooperation of the Russian Federation with foreign states.

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation has included JSC Rosoboronexport into the Register of the Russian enterprises empowered to carry out foreign trade activities regarding the military purpose products, and it has been granted an appropriate certificate.

Anatoly Petrovich ISAIKIN was appointed as Director General of JSC Rosoboronexport.

Date of publication: 05.10.2011




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