The 11th International Forum of Means for Provision of State Security "Interpolitex-2007" is to be held in the grounds of the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in Moscow from October 30 to November 2 2007.

The International Forum «Interpolitex» is a dedicated exhibition of special technical facilities and arms for different agencies and services providing the public security.

A preparatory stage of Interpolitex-2007 is steered by the Organizing Committee led by Deputy Interior Minister of the Russian Federation M.I. Sukhodolsky, and FSMTC of Russia Deputy Director V.A. Paleshchuk.

This year, more than 300 Russian defense industry enterprises will show full-scale versions of arms and military hardware for the equipage of the army, police and law-enforcement forces. An exposition of the Border Service of FSB of Russia, including border protection and security facilities, will draw a particular interest of visitors and participants.

On 31 October, the training center of the Interior Ministry will be used for demonstrative exercises of special units of the Interior Ministry.

“Interpolitex-2007” will make a special accent on the business agenda, including such events as conferences, seminars, round tables, talks, and presentations.

The exhibition is expected to be visited by representatives of over 50 foreign states.

The FSMTC of Russia expresses hope that the 11th International Forum of Means for Provision of State Security "Interpolitex-2007" will give impetus for manufacturers to improve their MTC-related marketing policy, including specific programs for promoting domestic systems and versions of military purpose products in foreign countries, potential importers of Russian weapons and military hardware.

Date of publication: 06.11.2007




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