The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia expresses its deep condolences on the occasion of the death of Leonid Borisovich Roshal, who has dedicated almost half a century to the Tula Instrument Making Design Office.

Leonid Borisovich has been always distinguished by combination of professionalism, business approach to solutions and high moral principles. With his track record from an employee of a laboratory to the Deputy Designer General and the CEO of the foreign economic relations enterprise of SUE Instrument Making Design Office, Leonid Borisovich, whichever position he was holding, has been an active participant of projects aimed at maintaining the Enterprise as Russian key military defense enterprise, and winning strong positions in the world arms market.
Leonid Borisovich's achievements were highly appreciated. He was awarded with the Honor Order, became a winner of the USSR State Award, the Award of the USSR Council of Ministers, S.I. Mosin-named Award, and a winner of the All-Russia and regional competitions «Engineer of Year».
Life experience in combination with goodwill and careful attitude to co-fellows has brought to Leonid Borisovich a well-deserved authority and respect of all who knew him.
Thanks to Leonid Borisovich's efforts, at present, SUE KPB is not only among leading domestic producers of military hardware, but also it is a strong competitor in the world market of those products.
Without exaggeration, it is possible to say that the life of Leonid Borisovich Roshal is an embodiment of service to profession, duty, and homeland.
We extend sincere condolences to Leonid Borisovich's family, and his colleagues. Kind memory of him will remain in our hearts.

Date of publication: 21.04.2010




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