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From January 27 to 29, 2009, the Expocentre will host the Moscow International Forum and Exhibition «Unmanned Multi-Purpose Vehicle Systems 2009».
The purpose of the Exhibition sponsored by the Russian Federation Industry and Trade Ministry is to present projects, demonstrate successes of enterprises representing the Russian military industrial complex, and promote their products in the international market.
Key subject matters of the Exhibition are unmanned aerial vehicles of aircraft and helicopter types; unmanned balloon-borne systems; unmanned ground, surface, and underwater systems; construction materials for unmanned vehicles; systems of control, orientation, navigation, surveillance, and communications to operate unmanned multi-purpose vehicle systems; systems to process data delivered by unmanned vehicles and obtained with release of products to meet needs of civil industries.
The total display area is 800 sq. m.
According to the Sponsor, the Exhibition will play host to 43 Russian (including an MTC - affiliated entity, such as the Federal State Unitary Enterprise (FSUE) Production Association (PO) Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant (UOMZ), and 2 foreign companies (UVS International, the Netherlands, and DST Control, Sweden).
Russian military-purpose products will be displayed by 6 enterprises, such as ZАО ENICS (Kazan), ОАО Vega Concern (Moscow), ОАО the Research and Development Institute (NII) Kulon (Moscow), ОАО the Design Bureau Luch (Rybinsk), FSUE the State Ryazan Instrument Plant (Ryazan), and ОАО the Moscow Research and Production Complex Avionica. 15 exhibits, in total, including 5 full-scale specimens, will be displayed.
As part of the Forum’s business agenda, participants of a plenary session will discuss «Issues to create and apply unmanned systems”, and round tables will be held to address:
A pilot investment project “Create the Unified Technology “System to render specialty services for the Fuel and Energy Complex with the use of manned and unmanned aerial vehicle systems”; and
“Issues to design, manufacture, and operate unmanned multi-purposes systems”.
Invitations to participate in the Exhibition have been sent to 160 foreign institutions from 25 states.
The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation hopes that the Moscow International Forum and the Exhibition «Unmanned Multi-Purpose Vehicle Systems 2009» will make it possible to develop and strengthen military and technical cooperation and associated business relationships between the Russian Federation and its foreign counterparts.


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