11-16 February 2014, Changi Exhibition Centre, Singapore, will play host to the International Aviation Exhibition the Singapore Airshow 2014. Its Organizers are the Ministry of Defence of Singapore and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore. The Exhibition features civil and military aircraft, helicopters, aircraft engines, ground aeronautical equipment, avionics, aviation optical instruments and devices, navigation systems, communication systems, environment control devices, radars, simulators.

558 companies from 38 states are expected to participate in the event. The largest expositions will be presented by the United States of America (157 companies), Singapore (118 companies), France (36 companies), the United Kingdom (33 companies), Australia (32 companies).

For the first time, the Army Pavilion will work at the Exhibition.

To represent officially the Russian Federation at the Singapore Airshow 2014, the delegation headed by M.V.Petukhov, Deputy Director of the FSMTC of Russia, was formed.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is the organizer of the Russian exposition.

Military-purpose products will be presented by OAK OAO (Moscow) (Irkut Corporation, Sukhoi Company OAO, Sukhoi Civil Aircraft ZAO, Beriev-named TANTK OAO), as well as enterprises comprising Russian Helicopters OAO: Rosvertol OAO (Rostov), Ulan-Ude Aviation Plant OAO (Ulan-Ude), Kamov OAO (Lyubertsy, Moscow region), Mil-named MVZ (Moscow).

OAK OAO will exhibit models of Yak-130 combat trainer, Su-35 super-maneuverable multirole fighter, T-50, as well as models of civil aircraft: Sukhoi Superjet – 100, MS-21, Be-200. Sukhoi Superjet – 100 medium range passenger aircraft manufactured by OAK OAO, from the air fleet of the Indonesian Sky Aviation, will be presented at the static line-up.

Russian Helicopters OAO will exhibit models of Mi-171A2, Ka-32A11VS, Ka-62, Mi-35M helicopters.

Yak-130 combat trainer will take part in the demonstration program (Irkut Corporation OAO).

Asia Pacific Security Conference (discussions on regional security by scientists and official representatives of defence authorities) and Singapore Aerospace Technology and Engineering Conference (exchange of opinions between specialists on innovations and pressing issues of the aerospace technology development) will be held before the Exhibition opening on February 10, 2014.

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation expresses its hope that the Russia’s participation at the Singapore Airshow 2014 will facilitate the strengthening of cooperation and business ties in the area of military-technical cooperation with its foreign partners.

Date of publication: 14.05.2014




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