26 April 2006
Towards stronger Russia-Malaysia ties

Malaysian defence industries' relationship with Russia is not unknown. One could associ­ate the constant presence of the country's representatives in the DSA under the umbrella of Rosoboronexport with the healthy relationship between these two counties.
This was confirmed by Mikhail A. Dmitriev. Director of Federal Service for Military and Technical Co-operation With Foreign Countries for Russia during the press conference held here.
"Our exhibition size has been growing and it has become more and more popular over the time," says Dmitriev. "We'd like to thank the organiser for the opportunity given for our exposition in this show."

      The Russian presence includes 14 players from its defence companies. According to Rosoboronexport the exhibition comprises of 450 samples of armament and military equip­ment intended for land forces, air defence units, air force, and navy as well as on civil purposed conversion products.
"Our intergovernmental relationship is very active these days," says Dmitriev. "We have good prosperous plans for our future."
The 14 participants are lesser than previous year but Dmietriev insisted that the presence is more "specific for our activity in the region and only those who have real prospect are participating here."
Dmitriev said that they are equally active in Indonesia, Brunei, China and India.
      Rosoboronexport is still working on the joint venture company with Malaysia, but it does not deny that there are individual companies that have already acquired licences and are working independently.

Date of publication: 19.05.2006




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