To Mr. M.T.Kalashnikov
Dear Mikhail Timofeevich,
On behalf of FSMTC of Russia, please, accept most sincere congratulations and best regards on the occasion of your 90th anniversary.
Your world-recognized fame and authority once again confirms that a person can achieve harmony and perfection of life only through a persistent work for the prosperity of their homeland. Weapons developed by you have been in service with the Russian army and armed forces of many foreign countries almost for 60 years, and they have been second to none in quality, a degree of reliability, and mass scale of production among models of small arms for the whole history of the humankind. Undoubtedly, it testifies to a superior design talent and creative genius of their designer.
That noble goal to which you have consistently dedicated all of your life has fostered a courageous and hardworking personality in whom authority and modesty, genius and simplicity are wonderfully combined.
With your kind permission, and in connection with this anniversary, I wish you health, mental power, and optimism. Happiness, the good and well-being to your relatives.

M. Dmitriev

Date of publication: 11.02.2010




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