L.Ye. Sharapov
General Director
Zelenodolsky Design Office

Dear Leonid Yegorovich,

On behalf of FSMTC of Russia and me personally, please, accept most sincere congratulations on the occasion of your 60th anniversary!
The Zelenodolsky Design Office was founded during severe post-war years. The Office was entrusted with tasks critical for ensuring the state security to design submarine hunters and provide with design support for manufacturing of those ships and their upgrading. The enterprise has successfully performed its mission. Developments of the Zelenodolsky Design Office enabled construction of about 800 ships and vessels of military and civil purpose, and more than 150 of them have been exported.
During its whole history, the Design Office has been an export-focused design institution. The Jaguar frigate project was implemented for the Navy of six countries. Specialists of the Zelenodolsky Design Office designed and constructed small antisubmarine ships, corvettes, and frigates in Poland, Germany, Yugoslavia, and India. Many of them successfully continue their service.
Such projects of the enterprise as Albatross small antisubmarine ships, Besstrashny and Jaroslav Mudryj patrol ships are pride of the Russian Navy.
The Zelenodolsky Design Office has an invaluable experience in designing high-speed vessels with dynamic principles of maintenance (hydrofoils, air-cushion, and air-cavity vessels). It is very important that design is based on application of the newest information computer technologies.
On the anniversary day, we wish the Zelenodolsky Design Office successful development, inexhaustible creative energy, and new successes for prosperity of our Great Russia!
M. Dmitriev
Federal Service for Military and Technical Cooperation

Date of publication: 11.02.2010




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