9 - 13 February 2011, the Eighth International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition AERO INDIA 2011 will be staged in Bangalore (India). Its organizer is the Defense Ministry of the Republic of India.

Key thematic sections of the Exhibition include military aircraft and arms, aircraft building, and civil aircraft.
The International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition AERO INDIA has been held since 1996.

Total exposition area is 44,000 m2.

In 2011, 338 companies from 23 states are expected to participate in the exhibition. The largest expositions will be presented by India (143 companies), the USA (39 companies), Russia (35 companies), Germany (30 companies), the United Kingdom (21 companies), Italy (19 companies), Belgium (12 companies), and Israel (11 companies).

Official opening ceremony of the exhibition by the Defense Minister of the Republic of India will take place on 9 February 2011.

Daily demo flights will be carried out.

Russian organizations will take part in the Exhibition according to FSMTC of Russia Order dated 6 July 2010 № 98-od.
The Rostekhnologii State Corporation is the organizer of a joint Russian exposition to cover the area of 942 m2.
The Exhibition will enable 38 Russian organizations, including 11 MTC-affiliated entities such as Rostekhnologii State Corporation, FSUE Rosoboronexport, OAO RSK MiG, OAO Sukhoi Company, OAO OPK Oboronprom, FSUE Engineering Design Bureau, OAO PVO Antey-Almaz Concern, OAO Ilyushin-named Aviation Complex, OAO PO Yalamov-named Urals Optical and Mechanical Plant, OAO Aerospace Equipment Corporation (imaging stand), FSUE GNPP Bazalt (without display), to showcase their products to specialists, and visitors.

Military purpose products will be exhibited by 20 organizations.

The Exhibition will display 276 exhibits of military purpose products of which 32 are full-scale versions (training gear for gunners of the Igla short-range man-portable air defense system, Dzhigit support launcher fitted with system of target indication and a night sight, a MANPAD-fitted night vision sight, RD-33 aircraft engine, A-737 satellite navigation system receiver, SRNS IM-2 signal imitator, an electronic and optical system against drones, control units for an electronic and optical system against drones, and video image processing units).

The Engineering Design Bureau will present for the first time details of a new ultra short-range air defense system based on the Strelets launcher for the Igla short-range man-portable air defense system (Luchnik-E code).

The Russian delegation headed by FSMTC of Russia First Deputy Director A.V.Fomin will hold meetings and negotiations with leadership of military departments of India and other states on military-technical cooperation.

The FSMTC of Russia views the Eighth International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition AERO INDIA 2011 as important stage in developing and strengthening military-technical cooperation, and associated business ties between Russia and its foreign partners.

Date of publication: 05.04.2011




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