From 11 to 16 September 2012, Berlin (Germany) will host ILA 2012 International Aerospace Exhibition on the grounds of BBI (Berlin Brandenburg International) in the Berlin ExpoCenter Airport.

The Sponsor is the Federal Union of Space Industry of Germany and Messe Berlin Exhibition Company.

1 222 companies from 36 countries will display their products at ILA 2012.

Area of the Russian exposition will occupy 1 700 sq. metres.

57 Russian companies, including 2 MTC affiliated entities, such as OPK OBORONPROM ОАО и RSK MiG ОАО, will participate in the Exhibitions. 4 companies will present information about military purpose products:

MiG – MiG-35D, MiG-29М2, MiG-29UB, MiG-29SМТ, MiG-29К, MiG-29KUB combat aircraft, and Yak-130 combat trainer,
multiple purpose helicopters – Mi-35M combat transport helicopter, Mi-26 heavy transport helicopter, Mi-28NE combat helicopter, Ka-52 reconnaissance attack helicopter.

Representatives of the Russian Federation will take part and in the business agenda of ILA 2012:

Conference of young scientists of the German Space Centre and TSAGI Institute «21 century aviation technologists ». Reports on subjects of durability and aerodynamics of flying machines will be made by researchers of TSAGI Institute;

Conference «Radio-frequency identification for aviation» of the Union of Aircraft Manufacturers of Russia and the German institute;

Conference «5th European air transport congress». Sponsor is the German-Russian Economic Alliance. President of OAK M.Pogosyan plans to take part in the Conference.

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation expresses hope for successful cooperation with foreign partners, and wishes all exhibitors to conclude long-term contracts.

Date of publication: 25.09.2012




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