The International Defence Services Asia Exhibition “DSA - 2014” will be held from 14 to 17 April 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Exhibition features arms and modern military equipment for Army, Air Force, Air Defence, Navy, Special Forces.

The Exhibition has been held from 1988 with support of the Department of Defence of Malaysia, the Armed Forces and the Royal Police Service of Malaysia. With respect to its scale and number of participants the Exhibition is among the five largest international arms exhibition.

The display area will occupy more than 41000 sq. meters. According to the organizers 300 official delegations from more than 50 countries are expected to visit the Exhibition, 787 foreign companies from 54 countries will participate in this event.

The most extensive exposure will be represented by Malaysia (95 companies), the United States of America (83 companies), Great Britain (70 companies), France (42 companies), Germany (34 companies), Turkey (34 companies), the South African Republic (32 companies), the Republic of Korea (30 companies), Australia (28 companies), the Czech Republic (25 companies), Singapore (24 companies), Italy (23 companies), China (23 companies).

Daily demonstrations of combat capabilities of the Army of Malaysia are expected.

The organizer of the Russian exposition is Rostekhnologii State Corporation.

22 Russian companies will exhibit their stands in pavilions №4 and №6 with the area of 555 sq. meters; 20 of them will present military purpose products, including 5 military-technical cooperation affiliated entities: Rosoboronexport OAO, NPK Uralvagonzavod OAO, OPK OBORONPROM OAO, KBP OAO, Shvabe - Defence and protection OAO. Totally 477 exhibit of military purpose products will be demonstrated.

To represent officially the Russian Federation at the International Defence Services Asia Exhibition “DSA - 2014”, the delegation headed by the Deputy Director of FSMTC of Russia M.V.Petuhov was formed.

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation expresses the hope that the International Defence Services Asia Exhibition “DSA - 2014” will enable to strengthen cooperation and business relationships between Russia and its foreign partners in military-technical area.

Date of publication: 14.05.2014




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