Interview of FSMTC of Russia First Deputy Director A.V. Fomin to Interfax Agency on the International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition LIMA 2009

1. How do you estimate development prospects of the Russian-Malaysian military and technical cooperation? Does Russia have any MTC Agenda with Malaysia? What are your estimates of opportunities to set up Russian-Malaysian joint ventures, and organizations of licensed manufacture of Russian weapons by Malaysian enterprises? Can we expect signing any documents, protocols of intentions during a forthcoming Exhibition Lima - 2009?
Malaysia is one of the largest MTC partner countries of Russia in Southeast Asia. Today, the total amount of Russian contractual obligations exceeds USD1 billion.
The Russian-Malaysian Intergovernmental Joint Commission on cooperation in the field of defense, defense technologies, and defense industry is a working body through which we maintain our relationships with Malaysia. Its meetings are held on a regular basis, and decisions made during those meetings lay the foundation for our cooperation agenda.
As to prospects of the Russian- Malaysian military and technical cooperation, I would like to emphasize that the Russian Side is ready to a fruitful dialogue in all areas of bilateral MTC. I think that it coincides with a policy of our Malaysian partners in the field of formation of their armed forces.
A heavy-duty program of a forthcoming Exhibition Lima 2009 provides plenty of meetings and negotiations of officials of FSUE Rosoboronexport and Russian manufacturers of military-purpose products with foreign, including Malaysian, partners. I am sure that they will yield concrete results.
2. Does Malaysia hold any tenders for purchase of arms? If yes, do we participate in them?
Russian enterprises took part in tenders for delivery of transport helicopters, and medium-range anti-tank missile systems. Unfortunately, due to objective reasons connected with a global economic crunch, decisions on purchase of specified military purpose products to be made by the Government of the country have been postponed for 2010. Nevertheless, we consider that Russian manufacturers have fairly good winning chances.
3. What are the chances to conclude a contract for delivery to Malaysia
additional Su-30МКМ fighters, and Russian helicopters?

The program for upgrading the fleet of the Malaysian Air Forces provides purchase of a batch of advanced fighters. Despite tough competition in this segment of arms, Russian multi-role Su-type aircrafts have faultless reputation and good prospects. We are ready to offer them to our Malaysian partners. Another offer is a Yak-130 combat trainer. It possesses perfect aerodynamics and high thrust-to-weight ratio, that allows the plane to carry out flights in all modes applicable to advanced warplanes, and effectively solve combat tasks. We also count on success in the tender for delivery of Mi-type transport helicopters.
4. What will the Russian marine exposition present at the Malaysian Exhibition? What are your estimates of prospects to promote in the Malaysian market our warships, first of all, high-speed rocket and assault boats?
Russia is a great sea power, capable of building warships and auxiliary vessels of all classes, and create all kinds of naval arms and devices. A high level of development of science, design, and ship-building technologies, strong production capacities, highly skilled staff, and a wide experience in foreign trade activities allow Russia to hold world’s leading positions in export of naval vessels, and arms. Our leading customers in Asia are India, China, and Vietnam.
Maurine section of the Russian exposition at the International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition LIMA 2009 will occupy a half of all of the exhibits. It is quite explainable. The countries of the Asian-Pacific region have extended sea borders. To protect those borders and coastal waters, it is required to possess a sufficient quantity of naval vessels and facilities capable of adequately resisting today’s threats, such as terrorism, piracy, illegal drug trafficking, smuggling, and capture of hostages.
We have taken into account all of those considerations when making decision on the formation of the Russian exposition. We will demonstrate ships which can strengthen the Navies of the regional states, such as a "Tornado" small rocket (artillery) ship, a "Corsair" patrol ship, a “Gepard-3.9” patrol ship, a "Tiger" small patrol ship, a “Gepard -5.1” ocean patrol ship, and a ”Gepard -5.3” frigate.
We also submit export offers for different purpose boats of over 10 tonne displacement and speed of up to 55 knots, such as "Sable", "Mongoose", "Mirage" patrol boats, a «Mercury» sea customs boat, a "Terrier” guard boat, a А106 multi-purpose coast guard boat, effective for anti-sea piracy and anti-terrorism operations;
Among submarines we will demonstrate a Kilo-class diesel-electric submarine (Project 636), a «Amur-1650» diesel-electric submarine (Project 677E), and small coastal submarines;
Good prospects for promoting in the regional market are expected for “Murena” and "Zubr" hovercrafts designed to sealift landing assault units and combat material;
Along with various class warships, foreign customers will be offered various systems of arms, combat and engineering systems to be installed on underwater and surface ships, and radar stations, such as a CLUB-M multi-purpose mobile coastal missile system, shipborne missile systems with anti-ship missiles, shipborne antiaircraft guided missile systems, a “Rubin-EG” automated communication system for surface ships, “Parus-98E” unified periscope system, “Pozitiv-MEK” shipborne multi-function electronic system, a “Komor” submarine detection station, a Laska versatile small-size fire control radar for 30 mm – 76 mm shipborne guns, etc.
I hope that the latest models of naval vessels of the Russian manufacture will find their consumer, and our participation in the Exhibition will make it possible to strengthen and expand our partner relations both with Malaysia, and other states of the region.

Date of publication: 11.02.2010




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