on the International Aviation Exhibition Aviation Expo/China - 2011

The 14th Aviation Expo/China will be held on 21-24 September 2011 at the China National Convention Center, Beijing.

The Exhibition features civil and military aircraft, aircraft engines and power plants, rocket engineering, air traffic control systems, aircraft radio electronics, optoelectronics, and navigation systems.

The Organizer of the exhibition is the China Aviation Industry Corporation (with support of the Defence Ministry of China).

It will be the 14th Exhibition and a premier for the helicopter industry (HELI CHINA – 2011.

The International Aviation Expo/China is expected to be visited by more than 100 manufacturers and suppliers of military and dual purpose products from 20 countries, including the leading aviation industry companies Boeing, USA, EADS, European agency, Airbus, Germany, Bombardier, Canada, Pratt & Whitney, Canada, Agusta Westland, Italy, Safran/Sagem, France, Lufthhansa Technic, Germany, Satair Сhina, China, etc. National displays of the Russian Federation, Italy, France, Ukraine and the Netherlands will be presented.

The largest expositions will be presented by China (29 companies), Russia 18 (companies), USA (17 companies), France (13 companies), Germany (5 companies).

Key purpose for Russia is to promote development of trade and economic relations, and investment cooperation with China.

The Organizer of the unified Russian exposition covering 379 sq. metres is Minpromtorg of Russia.

18 Russian organisations will take part in the Exhibition, 4 with military-purpose products: FSUE NPC Salyut, Rosvertol OAO, NPO Saturn OAO, and Klimov OAO.

Stands of the enterprises will offer advertising materials about 12 MPP models. NPO Saturn ОАО will exhibit the 117C engine representing a turbo-jet, two-contour engine with the thrust vectoring nozzle - an upgraded tractive force engine of AL-31FP, installed on Su-family aircraft.

Various purpose helicopters will be advertised: Mi-35M combat transport helicopters, Mi-26 heavy transport helicopters;

aircraft engines: AL-31F and its modifications, AI-222-25 as part of Yak-130 combat trainer, MD-120 small-sized gas turbine engine, RD-33 for MiG-29.

A Russian delegation headed by Chief of the First Military-Technical Cooperation Department of FSMTC of Russia will V.V.Rukavitsa will officially represent the Russian Federation at the International aviation exhibition Aviation Expo/China - 2011.

The Exhibition will host Beijing International Aviation Summit – 2011 to be attended by more than 200 officials and representatives of companies.

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation considers participation in the International aviation exhibition Aviation Expo/China - 2011 as important stage in developing and strengthening business relations between Russia and foreign partners in the military-technical cooperation.

Date of publication: 14.11.2011




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