17 - 20 April 2007, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) will host the Latin America Aero and Defense Exhibition and Conference LAAD 2007.

The delegation led by FSMTC of Russia First Deputy Director A.V. Fomin, including officials of public authorities of the Russian Federation, and Heads of military-industrial enterprises, was seconded to support a consolidated participation of Russian companies in the Exhibition.

18 Russian arms manufacturers, including 5 MTC entities, will present their exhibits at the Exhibition.

FSUE TSKB MT Rubin, FSUE MMPP Saliut, ООО Military-Industrial Company and FSUE PO UOMZ will exhibit their products for the first time.

The aviation theme will be one of the components of the Russian exposition. The OAO Sukhoi Corporation will exhibit a Su-35 multi-role super-maneuverable fighter, consistently promoted in the Latin American countries.

Helicopters will be presented by FSUE Rosoboronexport, ОАО Ulan-Ude Aircraft Plant and ОАО Mil-named Helicopter Plant. Exposition stands will offer information about a Mi-35М helicopter, a Мi-28NE combat helicopter, Мi-26 and the Mi-171Sh air transport helicopters, and dual and civil use products.

OАО Kronshtadt R.E.T. will display a prospect of a flight simulator of MI-17 IV Helicopter for training of flight and technical crews. Su-30 МК-2 and helicopter simulators will be among products worth of focused marketing efforts.

FSUE Rosoboronexport and ООО Military-Industrial Company will deliver information on wheeled and fully-tracked armored vehicles, including Т90S, Т90SK, BREM-L, BMP-2, BMP-2К, BMP-3, BMP -3К, BMP -3F, BTR-80, BTR-80А, BTR-90, GAZ-39371-221, and guided missile systems.

Replicas and leaflets of Buk-M2 and Tor-M1 air defense missile system will be on display too.

It is expected that at a forthcoming exhibition LAAD 2007, experts will be highly interested in after-sale maintenance of weapons and military hardware, advanced technologies applied in the state security system, and components to civil aircraft, engines, avionics, and training systems.

Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation expresses hope that participation in the Latin America Aero and Defense Exhibition and Conference LAAD 2007 will enable to develop and strengthen cooperation and business relationships between Russia and foreign partners in MTC, primarily, Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Date of publication: 17.04.2007




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