Since 2000, the Russian Federation has established a sufficiently effective system to manage military-technical cooperation (“MTC”) between the Russian Federation and foreign states, incorporating the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (“FSMTC of Russia”) (till 16 August 2004, the Russian Federation Committee for Military-Technical Cooperation) as its critical enabler. The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation is empowered with control and supervision functions in the MTC area.
Regulations for the Federal Service for Military- Technical Cooperation were approved by Decree of the Russian Federation President dated 16 August 2004 № 1083 «Issues of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation».

      *SVR – the Foreign Intelligence Service
      * FSB – the Federal Security Service
      * FSTEK – the Federal Service for Technical and Export Control
      * Rosimuschestvo – the Federal Agency for State Property Management

FSMTC of Russia reports to the Russian Federation President.
FSMTC of Russia is subject to jurisdiction of the Russian Federation Defense Ministry.
The organizational structure of FSMTC of Russia consists of the Central Office and its representative offices in foreign states.

Date of publication: 28.05.2011




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