More than 3,000 specialists visited the International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision (INTERPOLITEX 2014) during its first day. Recall that one of the organizers of the Exhibition is the FSMTC of Russia.

The information on the following advanced equipment is of an intense interest on the stands of the Russian military-industrial complex enterprises:

helicopters: Mi-171Sh military transport helicopter, Ka-226T light multirole helicopter;
air defence means: 9K338 Igla-S manportable air defence missile system, Zu-23/30M1 modernized air defence gun mount;
ground forces equipment: BMP-3(3F) infantry combat vehicle, BTR-80A and BTR-82A armored personnel carriers;
small arms: Kalashnikov assault rifles and machineguns, 12.7mm 6P40 Kord infantry machinegun, 12.7mm 6S8 (6S8-1) sniper system, Bur small-size grenade launcher system, RPO A, RPO-D, RPO-Z rocket flamethrowers;
special forces arms: ADS, AM, AS assault rifles, GM-94 magazine-fed grenade launcher, VSS sniper rifle, PP-90M submachinegun, Kedr submachinegun, VKS heavy-caliber sniper rifle;
naval equipment: Project 12300 Scorpion missile boat, Project 20910 Chilim air-cushion patrol craft, Project 12200 Sobol and Project 20970 Katran patrol boats, Project 21850 Chibis border guard boat.

The Agreement on cooperation in the sphere of realization of military-technical and foreign trade activity between the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation and JSC “Rosoboronexport” was signed during the Exhibition.

A live demonstration of operational and combat capabilities of arms and military equipment, as well as exercises of the special units of the Russian Interior Ministry troops took place on the range of the Federal State Enterprise “Geodesia” (Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow Region). Rys, Zubr, Grom, Peresvet and Vityaz Special units participated in the event.

The Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC of Russia) is a federal executive authority, which performs control and supervision functions in the sphere of military-technical cooperation between the Russian Federation and foreign states in accordance with its national legislation.

Date of publication: 09.12.2014




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